7 traits to look for in the perfect freelance writer

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find the perfect freelance writer

So you’re ready to hire a freelance writer. Great! You’ve made an excellent choice. But now what? With freelancers available everywhere from cheap online content factories to LinkedIn to amazing local agencies, how can you separate the real deal from the time- and money-wasters? Ideally, you’ll choose your freelancers the same way you choose your […]

Why the future of business is outside the office

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A woman works remotely on her laptop. The future of business may be outside the workplace.

Goodbye, business park. Hello, home office. In the mid-1990s, then-Utah Governor Leavitt announced an initiative to increase telecommuting — known more commonly as working remotely from home. According to the initiative, the push would yield environmental, personal, and work benefits across Utah. At the time, telecommuting was rare, but many saw it as the wave of […]