Freelancer or full-time hire? 4 reasons to hire subcontractors

Let’s say you need someone to create content for your company — blog posts, social media updates, videos, press releases, ad copy. And let’s say you can either hire a full-time employee or outsource to a freelance agency (ahem, like Moxie). What’s a boss to do?

Full-time hires are a good choice if you truly have 40 hours of work each week that needs to be done, and if you need someone on site all day, every day. But for most projects, freelancers get the job done — and often faster, cheaper, and with more flexibility than a full-time hire can.

Let’s get down to specifics.


Hiring a freelance agency gives you access to a larger talent pool than one person can offer, no matter how good that person is at her job. (Moxie, for example, has experts in writing, editing, SEO and photography, all of whom are available to our clients.) Freelancers also save you training time, since they are accustomed to learning about a company’s goals and culture quickly.


Freelancers work on demand, how and when you need them. Some routinely work in the evenings, over weekends and on holidays. And they do so without the red tape that comes with paying overtime. Many freelancers are also available to come into your office as needed, and they’ll bring a laptop you don’t have to pay for.


Without in-office commitments and responsibilities, freelancers can make your project their top priority and can often meet shorter deadlines. They also have the freedom to work free of the distractions of daily office work, like meetings, lunch breaks, water cooler chats and frequent interruptions.


Let’s get down to the bottom line — cost. Even though freelance agencies factor expenses like computers and office supplies into project bids, the costs of these necessities is dramatically less than the costs of hiring someone full-time. Freelancers don’t get paid overtime, they don’t get benefits, and — most affordably — they only get paid when you actually have something for them to do. Crunching the numbers almost always proves that freelancers are the way to go.

Still not convinced? We’ll prove it to you.

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