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Best Sites for Royalty-Free Images

Best free sites for royalty-free stock images

You’ve finished your blog post. Now what? Time to find a photo.

Photos snatch the reader’s attention away from distractions and straight to your blog. Without a photo, posts can seem boring. The better the photo, the more it will attract someone. But where can you go if you’re not a photographer, but you still want high-quality images? There are some amazing websites that provide royalty-free images for anyone to use. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash has a huge selection of unique and creative photos to choose from, and they’re all high quality. The great thing about this site is that you can search for the topic you’re looking for and tons of photos will be displayed. The bad thing is that the search function is very general, and some of the photos that come up won’t have anything to do with your topic.

2. Pixabay

Like Unsplash, Pixabay has a wide variety of high-quality images to choose from. But with Pixabay, you can use filters for a more specific search. You can narrow the results by size, image type, color, or orientation. The filters really are a lifesaver in finding a photo that’s exactly what you need. It’s also easy to download the photos in your chosen size. If you’re looking for a subject-specific photo or illustration, this is the site for you.

3. Pexels

Pexels is very similar to the previous two—lots of royalty-free images that cost nothing for you to download and use on your blog. This one is similar to Unsplash in that there are no search filters and the results from your search criteria can be very broad.

4. The New York Public Library Digital Collections

History buffs rejoice! If you’re looking for historical or vintage photos, this is the collection for you. The New York Public Library has been scanning their collections and providing many of the images as free royalty-free images for anyone to browse through and use. They have thousands of photos and are adding more every day. The site also has several search filters, allowing you to search by name or place.

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