Breanna Olaveson

Breanna Olaveson founded Moxie Freelance in 2017 to help other freelance writers build a livelihood from home. She writes like she talks — a lot, and about a lot of different things. Among her favorite topics are people, businesses, people who run businesses, women, faith, and women of faith. She writes nonfiction and has two books on her shelf (“Mighty Miracles” and “Sweet Is the Work”) with her name on the spine. Her home is filled with children, quilts, and baked goods she made herself. She is always reading or listening to one of the Harry Potter books and once had a dream that she took a selfie with Jo Rowling. She can type as fast as people talk and write an entire magazine article in a single naptime when she’s in the zone. She lives in Utah County with her marathon-running husband and three exceptional children.