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How to Find Freelancers Worth Finding

How to find freelancers worth finding

With the rising costs of health insurance, paid leave and other benefits, many companies are working to find freelancers for their marketing needs. Luckily for those companies, many talented content creators who used to work in an office full time are now full-time freelancers. [See also “5 Questions to Answer Before You Become a Freelancer.”]

Companies need freelancers, and freelancers need the work. Now for the tricky part: How can companies find freelancers who are actually worth finding?

1. Search for freelancer websites.

This might sound obvious—after all, most people instinctively turn to Google whenever they need to find something. However, it’s important to realize that many skilled content creators have their own websites tailored to your key search phrases. For example, if you search “freelancing agency in Utah,” Moxie Freelance is on the first page of results because keywords throughout the site put it there.

That said, not every search result will help you find the freelancers you’re searching for. Which brings me to the next point —

2. Avoid content mills.

Yes, content mills and sketchy markets such as Upwork off cheap content, but you get what you pay for. Skilled writers who can give you quality work avoid these websites because they know how valuable good content is to companies and they know how to provide it.

3. Reach out to groups of freelancers on social media.

If you find the right groups of freelancers on social media—whether you’re looking for writers, editors, photographers, videographers, web developers, or designers—one post detailing a freelancing job is often all it takes to find dozens of great options. If you find your perfect match right off the bat, congratulations! But if you need to take some time to review the respondents, be sure to watch out for those freelancers who take the time to follow up with you after a week or two. It’s a safe bet that if the freelancer follows up, that freelancer will be reliable and organized in your future dealings.

4. Hire an agency (like Moxie Freelance).

Agencies have already completed the vetting process for you and can help you find freelancers with a variety of subject-matter expertise at their disposal. Moxie Freelance, for example, has writers who specialize in everything from business, technology and finance to health, faith and family.

Interested in what Moxie Freelance and its team of talented freelancers has to offer you? Drop us a line!

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