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So you’re looking for an excellent freelancer? Someone who can really turn a phrase, or maybe an editor or two for contract work? Need someone to keep your social media up-to-date? How about someone who’s good to work with and quick on the turnaround?

Great! Use this form to find the perfect freelancer.

Fill out as much or as little of this form as you’d like, and Breanna (the owner of Moxie) will comb through our pool of freelancers to find a great fit.

And if you’re still on the fence, read 10 reasons why freelancers are a great deal or these four great reasons to hire subcontractors.

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When can I expect to hear from you?

Plan to hear from us within two business days.

What experience do your freelancers have?

Our team is made up of writers, editors and designers who have worked professionally in their fields — some for longer than others. We have freelancers with 20 years’ experience and some straight out of school. Collectively, our team has experience working with, Zions Bank, the Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune, Thanksgiving Point, Runner’s World, KSL, FOX13, KUTV, USA Today, Money, Success Magazine, The Christian Science MonitorUtah Business MagazineBYU Magazine, the Provo Daily Herald, the Ensign, BlueHost, DreamHost, CHG Healthcare, Primary Children’s Hospital, the Liahona, Utah Valley Magazine, Utah Valley BusinessQ, and Utah Valley Bride.

What can I expect if I hire a Moxie freelancer?

When you hire a Moxie freelancer, you gain access to the entire agency. If the first person doesn’t work out, you can easily bring a different writer onto your project without needing to complete new tax forms. All invoices will come from and be paid to Moxie. Payment to freelancers comes through the agency (which means less work for you).

How can I become your best client?

One of our clients asked us that once and we about died of happiness. If you’re interested in how to get the most out of your freelancer, give this Forbes article a read: Five Things Your Company Must Do To Keep Its Freelancers Happy.