What Is a Ghostwriter, and Why Do I Need One?

What Is a Ghostwriter, and Why Do I Need One?

If you’ve ever faced the intimidating prospect of cranking out more words than you can conceivably manage, you’re in good company. From your college days, when you fiddled with the margins to fulfill a six-page essay, to your current role as a CEO writing your memoirs, chances are you’ve butted heads with the unforgiving English language.

Not everyone has the time to write what they need to write. If you’re a business professional trying to maintain a stream of authoritative content or an author trying to keep up with demand, you might be in need of a ghostwriter.

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who writes something that’s officially credited to someone else. If you’ve ever read a book written by a famous person who’s not usually known for his or her writing, there’s a good chance it was actually written by a ghostwriter under their direction. It may seem a little unfair to the person who put in all the effort, but ghostwriters are usually paid well enough to not care much about the anonymity of their work.

Ghostwriters are the unsung heroes of much of the literary world. Tom Clancy’s publisher hired ghostwriters to help keep up with demand for spy thrillers. Hillary Clinton’s memoirs were written by ghostwriters. Sometimes the author doesn’t even exist except as a collective pseudonym for a team of ghostwriters. Not to destroy your childhood, but the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries were written by ghostwriters rather than the fictional “Franklin W. Dixon” or “Carolyn Keene.”

Do I need a ghostwriter?

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a ghostwriter. Refer to the previous examples of famous authors and public figures who have employed ghostwriters to stretch the written word a little further. The following situations might also call for a ghostwriter:

You need to save some time.

We get it—it takes time to write down your thoughts in a way that sounds good, and sometimes that time could be better spent elsewhere. In these cases, ghostwriters are worth their pay and then some.

You’re worried your book/ blog/ other project might not get done.

It’s common to have a half-finished project called REALLY_AWESOME_IDEA.docx sitting on your computer desktop. A ghostwriter can take your brilliant idea and see it to its radiant conclusion.

You’re not quite sure about the writing process.

Maybe you’re knowledgeable in your field of study, but you aren’t as comfortable with the writing or publishing process. A ghostwriter can help you out.

If you’ve got the knowledge but not the time, let a ghostwriter take your project and run with it. We can help!

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