Why is it important for businesses to tell stories?

Why is it important for businesses to tell stories?

We’ve all been there. That conference or meeting with speaker after speaker, droning on and on. Every once in a while a nugget of valuable information will rise to the surface, but it’s quickly forgotten as the tedium resumes.

That is, until that one speaker. You know the one. The one who weaves a story around the audience, making just as many valid points as previous speakers, but in a way that makes the audience part of the story.

This is the speaker that makes you sit up and pay attention. This is the speech that you will remember for more than a day.

We’re constantly deluged with hundreds of messages—posts on social media, advertisements on the radio, articles on websites. We might read or listen to a small percentage of these messages, but only a select few will actually worm their way into our minds so we think about them later.

Much like the speaker who earned his audience’s attention, businesses capture our attention by telling stories.

For example, as a new mother with a four-month-old baby girl, I recently began following Motherly’s Facebook page. While I generally ignore advertisements, Motherly ran a sponsored video recently that had the following text:

“It’s the eternal mama conundrum. Your baby loves a fun activity, and then outgrows it.”

The video went on to describe the product, a 2-in-1 activity center designed to grow with the child. While I probably won’t buy the toy, the story behind it—a simple story that Motherly’s primary audience could easily relate to—kept this video in my mind significantly longer than the thousands of other messages I’d received that day.

This is the secret to creating messages that sell. When you launch a new marketing campaign, ask yourself what story you’re trying to tell. Let stories and all their parts—characters, setting, conflict, resolution—guide your messaging efforts. Your sales reports will thank you.

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